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At WHATEVER BALI INK, we make shore to provide you with the best safest, cleanest, and most stress-free relaxed tattoo experience. To do this, all our tattoo artists,international guests or Bali locals, follow the strictest policies that include

single use items

All needles and other disposable items used in the studio must be brand new and used only once. After each tattoo, they will be disposed of in a sharps container, which is emptied regularly and disposed of safely.


All equipment used in the studio, including needles, tubes, grips, and any other reusable items, must be sterilised after every use.


All staff members must wear gloves when tattooing or handling any equipment. Gloves should be changed between each tattoo and should be discarded if they become torn or punctured.

Hand wash

all members of staff are required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after each tattoo. They should also use hand sanitiser in between tattoos to keep their hands clean.

personal Hygiene

All staff members are required to maintain good personal hygiene, including showering regularly and wearing clean clothes.

After care

we will give detailed aftercare instructions to ensure their tattoos heal properly .


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work of art .

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